An urban intervention aims to integrate the public in Torre Pacheco with library, sports and recreational areas, school.

Torre Pacheco

date October 2005

This intervention is proposed aiming for the promotion, management and planification of Torre Pacheco which will include a library, a reading park, a school and a bus station. The creation of a new topography gives rise of this project and guides and qualifies this expansion zone in Torre Pacheco, giving the birth of a comprehensive site with public facilities which served as an urban, cultural and leisure alternative for citizens.
The folded terrain of the area characterize its performance, in which the equipment that occupy the main plot, the school, library and the park, adapt to their relative position, creating new spaces protected from reception, communication and stay. This project is designed by a Spanish architect called Martin Lejarraga. And this project has won the first prize in the built category at the 2010 urban intervention award Berlin..
The relationship of compatibility, optimization of spaces and services between the new building and the surrounding urban environment is open and desirable. It produces a wide disposition of different general areas of common use between both of them and urbanized spaces that broaden the real used and enjoyed space for the entire city. An art gallery for exhibitions with an independent access, which is the only space overlooking over the overall topography of the site, fulfilled this project and its related built volumes.
The background of this project is worth mentioning. The general evolution and the accelerated changes of the city of Torre Pacheco serve as a context for the emergence of this project. This overall background catalysts the process of development in an organized, joint and integrated way that all parameters were influenced by the demographic, social-economical, multi-racial and touristic growing process. All of those processes finally propose a new urban model for the city alternative to the old one in which all these changes have begun to take place in a really fast way.
The total cost of this intervention is 2.400.080 euros. This integrative new urban space with social, cultural and design elements also serves the purpose of being long-term sustainable. Low cost, low technology, low consuming and low keeping are the main goals of this project as well..
Citizens who come to perceive a different city will feel better unconsciously due to this project.

Image: Martin Lejarraga (pending permission)