A ruined monument turned into a living public space.

Stupavska Synagoga / The Synagogue of Stupava

date 2006-2011

The synagogue was used by the Jewish community in Stupava from 1803 until the Second World War when large-scale deportation of Jews took place. Since then, there has been no active Jewish community in the town. During the Communist era, the synagogue was used for storage or even grinding tiles. Later, it was owned by a private person from whom it was bought by the non-profit organisation Jewrope.
Jewrope, alongside with local volunteers repaired the building. The exterior is fully refurbished but they chose not to amend the interior more than necessary so that each part of its history is clearly evident. Cracks on the wall and damaged wall paintings are clearly visible as a memento to the Jews of the past. It was rated as the best refurbishment of the year in the Bratislava county.
Today, the synagogue is used as a space of public life ranging from concerts to book exchange to exhibitions. The loft is used for temporary exhibitions of local artists. In the future, it should host a long-term exhibition on the Jewish culture and their history in the area.

Image: Dan Barta (permission pending)