Food and eco-system resource for the entire neigbourhood

Lucas Community Garden

date 2013 March

This is a project led by an architecture firm called Urbaniahoeve under the initiative of “Foodscape Wildeman”. The foodscape is built to tackle the human-city-nature complex, a qualitative reconsideration of the real and actual city’s public place.

Lucas village has chosen to become the first location of the “Foodscape Wildeman” project. A pilot agriculture project that promotes the practice of cultivating, processing and distributing food around the nighbourhood. It can effectively raise the awareness of environmental protection and promote the know- how sustainable agriculture technique that can possibly be transferred to other urban locations and countries.

Urbaniahoeve realizes the wasteland site on a former schoolyard that locates in Amsterdam New West that situated between the old agricultural zone of Old Osdorp and the mature urban parks surrounding the Sloterplas. The wasteland site has then perceived as spaces for foundation of edible ecological framework.

It helps to provide sustainable food supply for the local community. The main aim of the project is to provide a functional social green space between repetitive modernist building blocks to reduce social problems. It provides spaces to increase more communication and interaction between neighbours. Social cohesion and conviviality within the area are enhanced.
There are collective engagement by different stakeholders including local residents, local entrepreneurs, architecture firm and perma-culturist.

Crave, the social design lab for urban agriculture utilise available building materials and sketches of the community to provide various toolkit to enable project participants to develop their own design. The reuse of existing materials for building foodscape has a low cost.

The toolkit includes more than 200 pallets for building tables, benches and raised seed-beds. These structures are designed to be easily built by non-professional that encourages participants with no experience to join the programme. Community act as a core propulsion for the operation of project. With the expertise from professionals, technical problems can be solved. It also helps to transmit advantages of foodscape knowledge to the community.

Urbaniahoeve applies multi-layer polyculture design of foodscape that enabling free access to different kinds of harvests including berries, grapes, legumes, herbs and leafy greens. The continual harvest from the community garden can be gathered for at least si

Image: (c) Carve (Permission pending)