Housing For Homeless Project By Low Income Housing Initiative

Houses for homeless

date Seattle

The problem of homelessness has been present for a long time now and is an internationally recognised phenomenon. Not only are homeless socially excluded but also do they face such simple challenges as the lack of place to stay and sleep.

A group of Seattle activists from the Low Income Housing Institute decided to tackle the issue by building a village made up of small houses, each costing approximately 2000£ to build. The project was financially supported by a number other organisations as well as the Lutheran Church who provided the organisation with land.

The village consists of 14 houses, a supervisor hut, two toilets and a shower. The housing stock is made of wood and is meant to be a temporary settlement: chances are that once homeless get their permanent shelter, they are much more likely to reintroduce themselves in the society. Each house is provided with a bed, a number of shelves, electricity, and is insulated, which is especially important during harsh winters.

The LIHI plans to build even more houses at the next location thus expanding their “service”. Very significantly, this project seeks to be a model for other cities and neighbourhoods in their fight against homelessness.

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Image: Kathryn Barnard (permission pending)