An outdoor gym organised with fitness equipment for use by the general public, on a site which previously consisted of WW2 Bunkers

Clapham-Common Fitness Instillation Project

date 2014

The project was implemented by FCC (Friends of Clapham Common), an active environmental group of around 500 members., The group usually runs projects to improve biodiversity of the common and works on restoring its buildings as well as facilities.

The urban park in Clapham, South London is currently operated by Lambeth Borough Council. There are 220 acres of open greens packed with a wide variety of the public: joggers, cyclists, kite flyers and children. The initial brief was given to provide outdoor gym equipment for use by the general public and private instructors alike, on a site that needed redeveloping over previously capped World War 2 bunkers.

Image (c) Friends of Clapham Common (FCC) (Pending permission)